Enhancing property value. Properly.

Aspelin Ramm is a sound and responsible developer of urban spaces and properties. Our mission is to create attractive urban environments. We want the buildings themselves and the spaces between them to form valuable elements in the landscape and the urban picture. Our goal of reducing energy consumption is achieved by building better and by facilitating sharing.

Aspelin Ramm was involved in the design of the Tjuvholmen and Vulkan developments in Oslo, the Union Brygge development in Drammen and other complex projects that made a major impact on the urban environments and the attractiveness of the cities.

Great cities depend on good buildings surronded by multifunctional urban areas, and responsibility involves emphasising both of these qualities. We all have a responsibility to make this happen through good city planning. Good architecture, the use of durable high-quality materials and respect for the environment and our surroundings are Our hallmarks.

Our activities involve property development in Oslo and in Southeast Norway, as well as development in Gøteborg and Stockholm, Sweden. Some of our biggest development projects are collaborations with other Norwegian developers such as Selvaag, OBOS, Hemfosa, ROM Eiendom and Eiendomsspar.

Projects such as Vulkan, Union Brygge and Tjuvholmen include residential apartments, sold individually to private owners. The property developer, Infill AS, which is fully owned by Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS, has already completed a number of small but important housing projects in Oslo.

The group’s long-standing trading business is now operated by Motek AS, one of Norway’s leading suppliers of tools to the building and construction industry.

The Aspelin Ramm group has about 479 employees, 66 of whom work in the property business. In 2017, our turnover was approximately NOK 1,5 billion. Of this amount, the group’s income from property rentals amounted to MNOK 595 million.

Owners and board of directors

The Group’s parent company, Aspelin Ramm Gruppen AS, is owned by Knut G. Aspelin and Jonas Ramm (50 % each) through their respective companies Artel Holding AS and Sole Invest AS.

Board of directors:
Knut G. Aspelin (Chairman)
Jonas Ramm

Truls Holthe
Harald Espedal

Gustaf Aspelin
Axel Ramm


The founder of the Aspelin Ramm group was a Swedish mining engineer and entrepreneur Gustaf Aspelin. The company opened its first offices on Storgaten street in downtown Oslo in 1881, selling goods like iron, steel and wire – as well as shovels and hand tools.

The group became a limited company in 1976 in connection with a merger. The merged company was named Stål og Bygg AS, which merged again in 1978 with the venerable Stormbull AS. The company changed its name to Aspelin-Stormbull AS at that time. The company’s steel division was sold in 1984 when Aspelin-Stormbull became co-owner of the newly established Norsk Stål together with Elkem and Norsk Jernverk.

In 1986 the company’s building material supply chain (Aspelin-Stormbull Bygg AS) was sold to NKL. The company kept all of its major properties, while many other properties were acquired from NKL. Stormbull’s minority shareholders sold their shares to the parent company in 1988, when the company changed its name to Aspelin Ramm Gruppen AS.

The group currently runs two divisions. The trade division (Handelsdivisjonen / Motek AS) is a supplier of tools for the construction and offshore sectors. Motek sells brand-named products like Hilti and Festool throughout Norway. The property division is run by Aspelin Ramm Eiendom AS and has a number of associated companies. All told, the company owns and runs 500 000 square meters of property, mainly in Norway and Sweden.

Our values

We show respect for one another in work, whether that involves residents, renters, tenants, neighbours, our surroundings, society and the natural environment. Our relationships to tenants, as customers, should be characterised by professional conduct, trust and building long-term relationships. We establish long-term relations with suppliers and collaborative partners that share our core values. We aim to bestow such values in society in the buildings we build and the properties we develop.

We appreciate and aim for excellence in architecture, quality materials and solutions that satisfy existing building codes and the codes and goals for future buildings. Our buildings and their surrounds should be accessible for everyone.

We aim to generate excitement in the areas we design, and stimulate good experiences; we work hard to fight visual neglect and bad urban design and misuse of real estate.

Aspelin Ramm is dedicated to protecting the natural environment through attitudes and specific actions. We work continuously to reduce energy consumption and minimise our company’s carbon footprint.

We are dedicated to social responsibility, and we are involved in work to promote a more inclusive society. These values and principles help us make the right decisions and we make this clear to all our collaborators.

Awards and honors

2017, Cityprisen NORD
Clarion Hotel The Edge (in partnership With Pellerin)

2017, Cityprisen
Union Brygge (in partnership with Selvaag)

2015, Arkitekturprisen
Dælenenggata 36 (Architect: Element arkitekter)

2015, Enovaprisen

2014, ULI – Global Award for Excellence
Tjuvholmen (Architect: Niels Torp Arkitekter)

2014, Cityprisen
Tjuvholmen (in partnership with Selvaag)

2014, Sundts Premie
Parkveien 5 b/c (Architects: KIMA og MAD arkitekter)

2014, Olavsrosa
Mathallen (Architect: LPO Arkitekter)

2014, VVS-prisen

2014, Oslo Kommunes hagepris
Dælenenggata 36 (Architect: Element arkitekter and Gullik Gulliksen)

2013, Byggeindustriens «Årets Bygg»
Dælenenggata 36 (Architect: Element arkitekter. Entreprenør: Eide Entreprenør)

2012, Betongelementprisen
Vulkan, Søndre Kvartal (Architect: Niels Torp Arkitekter)

2012, Cityprisen
Vulkan (in partnership with Anthon B Nilsen)

2012, Sundts Premie
Parkveien 5 b/c (Architects: KIMA and MAD arkitekter)

2012, Oslo Bys arkitekturpris
Parkveien 5 b/c (Architects: KIMA and MAD arkitekter)

2012, Statens Bymiljøpris
Tildelt Oslo kommune for bl.a. Vulkan-området

2011, Futurebuiltprisen
Bellonahuset (Architect: LPO Arkitekter)

2010, Venstres miljøpris
Bellonahuset (Architect: LPO Arkitekter)

2008, Olavsrosa
Hausmannsgate 16 (Architects: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitekter and A38 arkitekter)

2007, Cityprisen
Hausmannsgate 16 (Architects: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitekter and A38 arkitekter)

2006, Statens Byggeskikkpris
Hausmannsgate 16 (Architects: Jensen & Skodvin Arkitekter and A38 arkitekter)

2006, Oslo bys jubileumspris
Christiania Qvartalet (Architect: Niels Torp Arkitekter)

2003, Cityprisen
ALNA Senter (Architect: Niels Torp Arkitekter)

2002, Cityprisen
Christiania Qvartalet (Architect: Niels Torp Arkitekter)

1996, Betongelementprisen
Christiania Qvartalet (Architect: Niels Torp Arkitekter)