Rosenholm Campus


  • Address: Rosenholmveien 25
  • Postal address: 1414 Trollåsen
  • Floorspace: 43,400 m²
  • Number of floors: 6
  • Type of space: Offices
  • Energy class: B

Contact points for the property:

  • Reception tel.: 66 80 91 02
  • Marketing: (letting, contract renewal): Halvor Løvlien Lutnæs, tel.: 45 83 59 41. E-mail:
  • Community Manager: Mette Schi Saastad, tel.: 90 50 21 72. E-mail:
  • Management: Operations Manager: Magne Fahre, tel.: 91 88 78 32. E-mail:
  • Technical services: Marius Berntsen, tel.: 46 54 45 95. E-mail:

Key cards/keys

  • Access to the property is by key card (four digit code).
  • If the card does not work, please contact Reception.
  • To order key cards contact Magne Fahre.


  • Tenants are responsible for security on their own premises
  • After normal office hours: Card and code.
  • Security company: Securitas.
  • General security procedures: Patrolling during evening/night

Refuse disposal:

  • Normal refuse: Refuse compressor in goods delivery area.
  • Refuse sorting: Refuse room in goods delivery area.


  • The fire assembly point is on the roof of the car park.
  • Fire safety officer for the property: Mette Endsjø.
  • Storage of flammable liquids etc. must be reported


  • Men’s and women’s changing rooms with showers adjoining gym – operated by the IBM Club.

Operation of curtains/blinds

  • Blinds are operated manually


  • Number of lifts on the property: Four passenger lifts, three goods lifts
  • In the event of breakdowns/problems please contact maintenance company Kone Heis on 04347.



  • Procedures for break-ins: contact Operations Manager Magne Fahre or Securitas.

Canteen and coffee bar:

  • Operated by Eurest, tel.: 97 96 48 22
  • Opening hours canteen: 10:30 – 13:30
  • Opening hours coffee bar: 07:45 – 16:30

Conference centre:

  • Conference rooms: Seven conference rooms of various sizes.
  • Auditoriums: Two, the largest of which seats 175
  • For booking inquiries contact the conference centre: Rosenholm Campus Konferansesenter, or on 22 94 76 76. Web site:

The neighbourhood:

  • Nearest bus stop/railway station: a ten-minute walk away.
  • Nearest hotel: Quality Hotel Mastemyr, a ten-minute walk away.


  • The property is heated by means of heat from the data centre and electricity.


  • There is a car parking on the site.
  • Number of parking spaces: 1,200.
  • Charging points for electric cars: 49.
  • Contact point for rental: Halvor Løvlien Lutnæs.


  • There are mailboxes in the goods delivery area.
  • To order mailboxes/keys/labels: Contact Magne Fahre.


  • Common areas are cleaned five times per week.
  • The reception area is cleaned five times per week.
  • Cleaning service provider: Resco.
  • Outside window cleaning: As required.


  • Contact the Operations Manager for information.

Electricity supplier:

  • Power: Hafslund Strøm.
  • Grid: Hafslund Nett.
  • District heating: Hafslund Varme.

Bicycle parking:

  • There are bicycle parking facilities on the site.
  • Access: key card.
  • Free of charge.


  • There are public toilets in the building.
  • Cleaning: Resco.

Goods delivery:

  • All goods must be delivered to the goods delivery area – tel.: 45 22 58 50.


  • Fully automatic air conditioning system

Contact the following people in advance before:

  • Parties/events: Mette Schi Saastad.
  • Making alterations to the premises: Halvor Løvlien Lutnæs.
  • Installing equipment on the facade or roof: Magne Fahre.
  • Performing hot work: Reception.
  • Subletting: Halvor Løvlien Lutnæs.