Svestad Marinepark


  • Address: Svestadveien 27
  • Postal address: 1458 Fjellstrand
  • Floorspace: Approx. 3,000 m²
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Type of space: Offices, workshop, teaching
  • Energy class: E

Contact points for the property:

  • Host (common areas, external): Ragnar Hansen, tel.: 95 96 90 21
  • Marketing: (letting, contract renewal): Sverre Landmark, tel.: 91 83 12 30. E-mail:
  • Operations Manager: Magne Fahre, tel.: 91 88 78 32. E-mail:

Key cards/keys

  • Access to the property is by key.
  • To order keys, please contact Ragnar Hansen.


  • Tenants are responsible for security on their own premises.

Refuse disposal:

  • Normal refuse: Container near the recycling facility.
  • Refuse sorting: At the recycling facility.


  • Tenants are responsible for their own fire safety measures. The fire safety officer for the property is Magne Fahre.
  • Storage of flammable liquids etc. must be reported

The neighbourhood:

  • Excellent bus service to and from Nesodden ferry into Oslo


  • The property is heated by means of electricity and a seawater heat exchange system.


  • There is abundant parking on the site.
  • Charging point for electric cars.


  • There are physical mailboxes on the front of the building.


  • Contact Ragnar Hansen for information.

Electricity supplier:

  • Power: Hafslund Strøm.
  • Grid: Energil.


  • There are toilets for the use of tenants in the main building.

Contact Ragnar Hansen or Magne Fahre in advance before:

  • Parties/events.
  • Making alterations to the premises.
  • Performing hot work.
  • Installing equipment on the facade or roof.
  • Subletting