ALNA Senter


  • Address: Strømsveien 245
  • Postal address: 0668 Oslo
  • Floorspace: 52,000 m²
  • Number of floors: 3
  • Type of space: Specialist shopping centre
  • Energy class: C

Contact points for the property:

  • Marketing: (letting, contract renewal): Centre Manager Hans Georg Helberg, tel.: 99 52 47 77. E-mail:
  • Management: Operations Manager: Thomas Bringsverd tel.: 48 01 28 66. E-mail:
  • Control and Maintenance Technician: Jan Solberg, tel.: 45 03 04 40. E-mail:
  • Security contact number: Daytime security service: Skan Kontroll, tel.: 40 46 66 20. Nightime/weekends: Nokas, tel.: 81 50 08 20
  • Service phone: 40 00 00 79


  • Access to the common areas of the property is by keycard (four digit code).
  • To order keycards, please contact Operations Manager Thomas Bringsverd.


  • Tenants are responsible for security on their own premises
  • Alarm system in common areas and perimeter protection in common areas, partial CCTV-monitoring.

Refuse disposal:

Tenants are responsible for their own refuse, with the exception of the smaller tenants who use the common refuse facility in Sat:4, where refuse is sorted into 11 different refuse elements. These are shown on posters. This area is also monitored by CCTV.



  • The fire assembly point is in front of the main entrance adjacent to the Narvesen store and revolving door adjacent to Biltema.
  • Fire safety officer for the property: Operations Manager Thomas Bringsverd.
  • Storage of flammable liquids etc. must be reported


Operation of curtains/blinds:

  • Blinds are electrically-controlled – operated manually and automatically.


  • One lift in the main building, one escalator and moving walkway.
  • In the event of breakdowns/problems, please contact a security guard or the control and maintenance technician.



  • Procedures for break-ins in common areas: contact the security company.
  • Procedures for break-ins in tenant’s premises: contact the security company of the individual store.

The neighbourhood:

  • Nearest ATM: In the main building.
  • Nearest florist: In the Centre.
  • Nearest bus stop: Strømsveien.


Rules and regulations for the Centre:

  • Smoking is permitted in areas in which there are ashtrays.



  • The property is heated by means of district heating supplied by Hafslund Varme and electricity supplied by Hafslund Strøm.


  • There is a car park on the site.
  • Number of parking spaces: 1,100, payment, free spaces and 20 spaces for electric cars.
  • For information on the applicable parking regulations: please see sign at entrances.


  • Common areas are cleaned six times per week and inspected twice per day.
  • Cleaning service provider: Renax AS.
  • Outside window cleaning: As required.
  • Sweeping of outside areas: As required.z


  • Contact Centre Manager Hans Georg Helberg for information.

Electricity supplier:

  • Power: Hafslund Strøm.
  • Grid: Hafslund Nett.
  • District heating: Hafslund Varme.

Bicycle parking:

  • There are bicycle parking facilities on the site.
  • Approx. 30 spaces.

Goods delivery:

  • All goods must be delivered to the various marked goods delivery areas.
  • The delivery of goods via the main entrance or revolving doors is not permitted.


  • Fully automatic air conditioning system

Contact the Centre manager in advance before:

  • Parties/events.
  • Making alterations to the premises.
  • Installing equipment on the facade or roof.
  • Subletting: Anders Ombudstvedt.