Sven Oftedals vei 10


  • Address: Sven Oftedalsvei 10
  • Postal address: 0950 Oslo
  • Floorspace: 33,000 m²
  • Number of floors: 7
  • Type of space: offices, warehouse and production
  • Energy class: B

Contact points for the property:

  • Management: Jens Andersen, tel.: 90 82 82 61. E-mail:
  • Marketing: (letting, contract renewal): Sverre Landmark, tel.: 91 83 12 30. E-mail:
  • Superintendent: Øyvind Lien, tel.: 97 77 62 26
  • Service phone: contact Jens on 90 82 82 61 or Øyvind on 97 77 62 26

Key cards/keys

  • Cards/keys are ordered from the tenant’s manager
  • Cards/keys for readers in common are ordered from Aspelin Ramm Drift


  • Tenants are responsible for security on their own premises
  • General security procedures: patrolling by Securitas during evening/night

Refuse disposal:

  • Normal refuse: refuse room level I
  • Refuse sorting: refuse room level I
  • For other sorting queries contact Aspelin Ramm Drift


  • The fire assembly point is in the car park in front of the building and facing the stream at the rear of the building.
  • Fire safety officer for the property: Jens Andersen.
  • Storage of flammable liquids etc. must be reported

Changing rooms/showers:

  • The tenant has own showers


  • Procedures for break-ins in common areas: contact Operations Manager Jens Andersen on 90 82 82 61.
  • Procedures for break-ins to tenant’s premises: tenants are requested to report break-ins to the police and their own insurance company. The Operations Manager must be notified and provided with details.

Conference centre:

  • The tenant has own conference rooms.

The neighbourhood:

  • Nearest bus stop: Nedre Kaldbakkvei.
  • Nearest Metro station: Veitvet.
  • Nearest railway station: Nyland Station (on the other side of Østre Aker vei).


  • The property is heated using district heating from the neighbouring building.


  • Contact point for rental of car parking spaces: Operations Manager Jens Andersen.
  • Parking regulations: parking during daytime only on reserved spaces.
  • Charging point for electric cars

Entry phone:

  • Contact Operations Manager Jens Andersen.


  • There are physical mailboxes in the main entrance area.
  • To order mailboxes/keys/labels: Contact Operations Manager Jens Andersen.


  • Common areas are cleaned three times per week.
  • Cleaning service provider: Aksel Renhold
  • Outside window cleaning: As required.
  • Sweeping of outside areas: As required.


  • Contact Operations Manager Jens Andersen for information.

Electricity supplier:

  • Power: Hafslund Strøm
  • Grid: Hafslund Nett
  • District heating: Sven Oftedalsvei 8.

Bicycle parking:

  • There are bicycle parking facilities on the site.
  • Free


  • Shared toilets for the property: fourth and fifth floors.
  • Cleaner: Aksel Renhold
  • Cleaning frequency: every working day


  • Fully automatic air conditioning system

Contact the Operations Manager in advance before:

  • Parties/events.
  • Making alterations to the premises.
  • Performing hot work.
  • Installing equipment on the facade or roof.
  • Subletting.